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VIdeo By RAWBE - eternal entertainment enterprise LLC

Immersed in the Music Scene at a Young Age


RAWBE Produces Original Audio & Video & Provides PA Accompaniment for Artists Who Want to Record or Perform! Eternal Entertainment Enterprise Makes It Happen. Contact for Rental & Installation $$$ Quotes Today! Presented HERE are pieces produced and collaborations with 

other artists.

                   DJ KDub's InQuiry into the Recording Industry

        KDubs, entered the music scene as a dancer at infamous Rave parties and clubs throughout the 90's in Saint Louis, MO. Kat continues on in the music scene as a renowned dj of house music. She is a supporter and advocate for eternal entertainment enterprise while working with other production companies as well. She continues on her quest for musical creativity and creation of harmony.


         KDubs was in the studio recently, and talked about recording aspects and the business  end of the music industry. She records her own mixes and is curious about remixing and mastering capabilities. She does not want a live mix tainted with remixing and mastering.

             Creating the perfect set of music with other artists' recordings is what house djs did throughout the 90's. Now Why not use all capabilities that are allotted to you to make something better. This is done with enhancements and effects and removing imperfections from the original recording.





eternal entertainment enterprise LLC

             aspects of recording

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